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Get a loan instantly. No collateral, Flexible tenures, Friendly Rates and same day Disbursement

School Fees Loan

A special service to assist parents meet fee obligation at discounted rate.

Salary Earners

Get personal loan to meet pressing financial needs and repay for up to twenty-four (24) months.

Group Loan

You can share a loan with friends, colleagues, a fellow trader or business owner with low interest rate – no collateral or guarantor required.

Quick Salary Advance

Get up to N50,000.00 in minutes to tide you over till pay day by just sending us a chat via whatsapp.

Cash Backed Loan

Get up to 150% of your investment as loan for low interest rate

Invest With Us

Different people have different financial needs. We have a solution for every situation. Why invest with SCL ?

Interest is paid monthly and compounded on investment

Investment Thrift - Earn compounding interest of up to 8% on monthly savings

Flexible investment tenor, fixed rate

Get a loan of up to 150% of investment at low interest rate

Investment Note - Earn compounding interest of up to 15% p.a.

Same day redemption of investment